Approaches to Psychology 5th Edition Pdf

Approaches to Psychology 5th Edition Pdf
Approaches to Psychology 5th Edition Pdf

Approaches to Psychology 5th Edition Pdf

Author:  William Glassman , Marilyn Hadad

Publisher: Open University Press; 5th edition (December 1, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9780335228850

ISBN-13: 978-0335228850

Approaches to Psychology provides a contemporary, accessible and coherent introduction to the field of psychology, from its origins to the present, and shows the contribution of psychology in understanding human behaviour and experience.
The book introduces students to the five core conceptual frameworks (or approaches) to psychology: biological, behaviourist, cognitive, psychodynamic and humanistic. The methods, theories and assumptions of each approach are explored so that the reader builds an understanding of psychology as it applies to human development, social and abnormal behaviour.

New to this edition:

Sections on emerging topics such as coaching psychology, positive psychology, creativity’ s relationship to psychopathology
The World Today boxes help students to relate theory to the world around them, including new examples on reinforcement values in video games, the use of attribution theory in sports psychology and how cognitive dissonance theory can be used to examine terrorism
New Try it Yourself activities and exercises demonstrate that psychology is all about how humans think, feel and behave
Informed by the most current and relevant research and theory, the new edition has been updated to include 250 new references
Updated and expanded Online Learning Centre with student support material and instructor test bank at
Key Features:
Key Thinker boxes give a brief overview of the work of a notable psychologist and their key contributions
Putting it all Together discussions at the end of chapters encourage critical thinking by illustrating that there may be no definitive right or wrong answer to a problem
A review of key research methods provides students with the tools to conduct their own research
Superb pedagogy aids learning through discussion points and queries, chapter summaries, definitions of key terms, further reading suggestions, a glossary and bibliography
Students and professors have helped to make this the best edition of the most clear and concise introduction to psychology in the market. It is THE introductory book students need.

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