Co-Dependency Groups Pdf

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Co-Dependency Groups Pdf
Co-Dependency Groups Pdf

Co-Dependency Groups Pdf

Author: Ani Amerslav

Language: English

Co-dependency affects the lives of many people. It can be defined as “a specific condition that is characterized by preoccupation and extreme dependence (emotionally, socially, and sometimes physically) on a person or
object. Eventually, this dependence on another person becomes a pathological condition that affects the co-dependent in all other relationships.” Co-dependency hinders marriages, friendships and healthy family functioning. It destroys trust and the ability to have honest and open communication. It blunts a person’s feelings and impedes his or her judgment about reality. These things happen because co-dependents put their own needs aside, aren’t assertive, often attempt to control others and outcomes of events, and are often unaware of their feelings.

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