Cognition and Instruction Pdf

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Cognition and Instruction Pdf
Cognition and Instruction Pdf

Cognition and Instruction Pdf


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Nature versus nurture has been the debate on psychological development between theorists for over 2000 years and is commonly seen as rival factors. The debate is whether children develop their psychological characteristics based on genetics, which is nature, or how they were raised and their environment, which is nurture. It is difficult to say whether one theory has more influence over the other but “as of now, we know that both nature and nature
play important roles in human development.” To break down each theory for a better understanding, nature refers to an individual’s heredity, genetics, biological processes, and maturation. The coding of genes in each human cell determines the different physical traits humans possess. For example, height, hair colour, eye colour, etc, are gene-codes in a human’s DNA. The theory of nurture refers to environmental contexts that influences development such as education, parenting, culture, and social policies. Examples of nurture are more abstract attributes such as personality, behaviour, and intelligence.
Genetic characteristics are not always obvious, however, they become conspicuous through the course of maturation. Maturation can only occur with the support of a healthy environment. The theory of nurture “holds that genetic influence over abstract traits may exist; however, the environmental factors are the real origins of our behavior”. Nature’s partner is nurture and nature never works independently. A good example is in the comparison of fraternal twins who were raised apart from one another, they will most likely have a significant amount of similarities in their behavior. However, the environment each twin was raised in will greatly influence their behavior as well. Today, the environment and the biological factors are seen as critical and emphasized as complex co-actions.

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