Domestic Violence Offender Groups Pdf

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Domestic Violence Offender Groups Pdf
Domestic Violence Offender Groups Pdf

Domestic Violence Offender Groups Pdf

Author: Alex Mckenzie , Jack Prendergast

Language: English

Abuse is any behavior that is intended to hurt, intimidate, or control another person or more than one person; or behavior, whether intentional or not, that has this effect. There is a prevalent belief in our society that men
have the right to control other people. Men in our society also have a paucity of skills for getting what they need. For these reasons, men have a particularly problematic relationship to power and control. Because of the way in which
these beliefs inform male socialization, it can be said that virtually all men are abusers on one level or another. In considering whether behavior is abusive, the question of what another person said or did is irrelevant. There are
always alternative choices to abuse: each man must take responsibility for his own behavior at all times. If a person is unsure whether or not he has acted abusively, a good test is to ask that person’s partner, who has been affected
by the behavior in question.

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