Exploring Social Psychology 6th Edition Pdf

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Exploring Social Psychology 6th Edition Pdf
Exploring Social Psychology 6th Edition Pdf

Exploring Social Psychology 6th Edition Pdf

Author: David G. Myers

Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 6th edition (January 25, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0078035171

ISBN-13: 978-0078035173

Based on the bestselling text, Social Psychology, 10th Edition, Exploring Social Psychology, 6th Edition succinctly explores social psychological science and its applications to contemporary issues and everyday life. Thirty-one short modules―each readable in a single sitting―introduce students to important social phenomena and to how scientists discover and explain such phenomena.

Throughout, students are challenged to think critically about such issues as:
• How does our thinking – both conscious and unconscious – drive our behavior?
• What leads people sometimes to hurt and sometimes to help one another?
• What kindles social conflict, and how can we transform closed fists into helping hands?

Answering these and other questions, Exploring Social Psychology, 6th Edition expands our self-understanding and sensitizes us to the social forces that pull our strings.

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