Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology 7th Edition

Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology 7th Edition Pdf

Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology 7th Edition
Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology 7th Edition

Author:  Ronald J. Comer

Publisher: Worth Publishers; 7 edition (March 11, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1429295635

ISBN-13: 978-1429295635

I have been writing my textbooks, Psychology, version, edition of one or the other of the textbooks. I feel deeply privileged to have had the Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology, for more than three decades—approximately half of my life. The current Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology and Abnormal Seventh Edition, represents the fifteenth opportunity to help educate more than a half-million readers over the years.This textbook journey truly has been a labor of love, but I also must admit that each edition has required enormous effort, ridiculous pressure, and too many sleepless nights to count. I mention these labors not only because I am a world-class whiner but also to help emphasize that I have approached each edition as a totally new undertaking rather than as a cut-and-paste update of past editions. My goal each time has been that the new edition is a fresh, comprehensive, and exciting presentation of the current state of this ever-changing field and that it includes enlightening and innovative pedagogical techniques. This “new book” approach to each edition is, I believe, the key reason for the continuing success of the textbooks.
That said, the current edition includes even more changes than in any of the textbook’s previous editions, for several reasons: (1) The field of abnormal psychology has had a dramatic growth spurt over the past several years; (2) a significantly changed, new edition of the field’s classification and diagnostic system, DSM-5, has now been
introduced, the first such revision in 19 years; (3) the field of education has produced many new pedagogical tools; (4) the world of publishing has developed new, striking ways of presenting material; and (5) the world at large has changed dramatically, featuring a monumental rise in technology’s impact on our lives, growing influence by the media, and near unthinkable economic, political, and societal events, including apparent increases in mass killings and other kinds of violence. Changes of this kind certainly
should find their way into a book about the current state of human functioning, and I have worked hard to include them here in a meaningful way.
I believe I have produced a new edition of Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology that will once again excite readers and speak to them and their times. I have again tried to convey my passion for the field of abnormal psychology, and I have built on the generous feedback of my colleagues in this undertaking—the students and professors who have used this textbook over the years.

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