Masturbation Pdf

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Masturbation Pdf
Masturbation Pdf

Masturbation Pdf

Author: Sarnoff, Charles M.D.

Language: English

Sexuality undergoes maturation and development thatprepare the individual for adult life during
early adolescence (most frequently from 12 to 16 years of age, but at times continuing until 17 or 18). In
the successful adolescent, sexual energies shift from pleasurable discharge concentered all in self,
through outlets using fantasy channels, to the use of genital organs specifically developed for the
discharge of the drive. Biological maturation readies the genital organs. Culture and cognitive maturity
define the limits and effectiveness of their use. Success is indicated by the extent to which a loved object
is found and the degree to which fulfillment of the needs of the self and its drives also satisfies the needs
of the object.

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