My perception Pdf

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My perception Pdf
My perception Pdf

My perception Pdf

Author: John Pallister

Language: English

I was inspired by Marc’s (MES) message that I was sent in my inbox on the bookrix and the fact that I feel from my experiences of the range of people who I have interacted with, read books and shared ideas is a huge source of inspiration to me. Also I find expressions of life experiences or ideas that I can relate too, that I may not be able to
communicate to the majority of the people I know or who are an important part of my life. It’s not that I feel my ideas are better or I’m better then anybody else. I have a perception of life that no one person’s action or opinion is no less valued than another I feel that the overall majority measure or make judgments on things such as intelligence, intellect, common sense, practical knowledge, Life experiences. My life has for whatever reason put in touch with a huge amount of people all with different views, opinions, ideas and actions.

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