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Mirror Neurons
Mirror Neurons


When someone is performing an action our motor command neurons gets stimulated and perform that action. Dr. Rizzolatti is an Italian Neurophysiologist and professor at the University of Parma in Italy. He discovered unique neurons in the frontal and premotor cortex while doing research on the neural manifestation of motor movements in monkeys. They found there is another sub type of neurons called mirror neurons that send a signal to our brain when someone else is performing the same action in front of us. Thus, the neuron “mirrors” the behavior of the other, as though the observer were itself acting. There are some other mirror neurons that will fire when you watch some other person being touched and we empathize with him, but we don’t actually feel the touch. Some people who lost their arm or hand in an accident but still feel that the arm is there, this arm is called the phantom arm. When these people with phantom hand see someone being touched on the hand they get the same sensation on their phantom hand. The neurons which help us do that scientists call them empathy neurons because when we see someone gets hurt we also feel the pain of others. It means that all our minds are connected to each other and we can feel pain, joy of others. So it means that all of our mind and consciousness is connected and the only wall between us is our skin. So we are not just independent beings we are connected to each other. Our senses are connected and we can feel the sensations of others around us and that provides us the ability to empathize with one another.


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