Personality and Mental Illness Pdf

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Personality and Mental Illness Pdf
Personality and Mental Illness Pdf

Personality and Mental Illness Pdf

Author: John Bowlby 

Publisher: Routledge (July 4, 2013)

Language: English


One of the more curious features of living beings is the great diversity of form manifested within the unity of a given species. Selective breeding has extended these variations to extraordinary degrees as the vast divergences observed in the breeds of domestic animals testify, but even in nature the differences are remarkable. Compare the sweeping boughs of a beech tree growing on a Cotswold down with the crabbed and stunted bush which passes for a beech on a Scottish hillside, or the river-feeding brown trout of this country with their silver sea-feeding brothers in New Zealand. Variations as great as these are not very common, but subtle differences are universal, for practically no living creature is similar to another.

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