Psychology 1st Edition Pdf

Psychology 1st Edition Pdf

Psychology 1st Edition Pdf
Psychology 1st Edition Pdf

Author: Miles Hewstone ,‎ Frank D. Fincham ,‎ Jonathan Foster

Publisher: BPS Blackwell; 1 edition (June 6, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0631206787

ISBN-13: 978-0631206781

Psychology, published in association with the British Psychological Society, is the definitive introductory textbook for students starting their study of psychology.

  • written with style and authority by more than 20 leading psychologists from the UK and Australasia, in association with our editorial team;
  • contains comprehensive and integrated coverage of all the major topics in first-year undergraduate psychology;
  • also provides extensive treatment of cutting-edge applied areas such as health, organizational and forensic psychology;
  • each chapter helps students to understand psychology on their own terms:
    • ‘Research Close-ups’ bring research to life via snapshot case studies;
    • ‘Everyday Psychology’ boxes apply real-life contexts to the basic principles;
  • includes a host of additional useful features, from chapter maps, learning objectives, expert opinions and profiles of pioneering psychologists in each subfield, to chapter summaries, revision questions, suggestions for further reading and a glossary;
  • supported by an interactive website containing a multiple choice testbank, essay questions, practice questions, downloadable figures and tables, electronic chapters and lecture-by-lecture instructor support. Visit for more information.

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