Psychology 9th Edition

Psychology 9th Edition Pdf

Psychology 9th Edition
Psychology 9th Edition

Author: David G. Myers

Publisher: Worth Publishers; 9th edition (January 10, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1429215976

ISBN-13: 978-1429215978

There is no such thing as a light, perfunctory revision of David Myers’ Psychology. Each new edition is a fresh opportunity to communicate psychology’s enduring principles and pivotal research in terms that captivate students and connect with their lives.But even by Myers’ standards, Psychology, Ninth Edition, is truly exceptional.

This exhaustive update of the bestselling textbook for introductory psychology incorporates the largest number of new research citations of any revision to date, as well as new inquiry-based pedagogy, a re conceptualized art program, and the next generation of media and supplements. Yet, edition after edition, David Myers demonstrates an uncanny ability to communicate the science of psychology in a uniquely engaging, accessible way.

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