Psychology in Everyday Life 3rd Edition Pdf

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Psychology in Everyday Life 3rd Edition Pdf


Psychology in Everyday Life 3rd Edition Pdf

Psychology in Everyday Life 3rd Edition Pdf

Author:  David G. Myers ,  C. Nathan DeWall

Publisher: Worth Publishers; 3 edition (January 20, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1464109362

ISBN-13: 978-1464109362

For this new edition I [DM] welcome my new co-author, University of Kentucky professor Nathan DeWall. (For more information and videos that introduce Nathan DeWall and our collaboration, see Nathan is not only one of psychology’s “rising stars” (as the Association for Psychological Science rightly said in 2011), he also is an award-winning teacher and someone who shares my passion for writing—and for communicating psychological science through writing. Although I continue as lead author, Nathan’s fresh insights and contributions are already enriching this book, especially for this third edition, through his leading the revision of Chapters 4, 10, 11, and 14. But my fingerprints are also on those chapter revisions, even as his are on the other chapters. With support from our wonderful editors, this is a team project. In addition to our work together on the textbook, Nathan and I enjoy co-authoring the Teaching Current Directions in Psychological Science column in the APS Observer.

In addition, each main section of text begins with numbered questions that establish learning objectives and direct student reading. The Chapter Review section repeats these questions as a further self-testing opportunity (with answers in the Complete Chapter Reviews appendix). The Chapter Review section also offers a page-referenced list of Terms and Concepts to Remember, and new Chapter Test questions in multiple formats to promote optimal retention.

Each chapter closes with In Your Everyday Life questions, designed to help students make the concepts more personally meaningful, and therefore more memorable. These questions are also designed to function as excellent group discussion topics. The text offers hundreds of interesting applications to help students see just how applicable psychology’s concepts are to everyday life.



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