Psychosis Fact Sheet Pdf

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Psychosis Fact Sheet Pdf
Psychosis Fact Sheet Pdf

Psychosis Fact Sheet Pdf

Author: National Institute of Mental Health

Language: English

  1. The word psychosis is used to describe conditions that affect the mind
    when there has been some loss of contact with reality.
  2.  Psychosis often begins when a person is in his or her late teens to mid-
  3.  Psychosis can be a symptom of a mental illness or a physical
  4.  Psychosis can be caused by some medications, alcohol or drug abuse.
  5.  Three out of 100 people will experience psychosis at some time in
    their lives.
  6.  About 100,000 adolescents and young adults in the US experience
    first episode psychosis each year.
    Psychosis can include hallucinations (seeing, hearing, smelling,
    tasting or feeling something that is not real).
  7. Psychosis can include paranoia or delusions (believing in something
    that is not real even when presented with facts).
    Psychosis can include disordered thoughts and speech.
  8. Psychosis affects people from all walks of life.

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