The Agoraphobia Treatment Group Pdf

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The Agoraphobia Treatment Group Pdf
 The Agoraphobia Treatment Group Pdf

The Agoraphobia Treatment Group Pdf

Author: Edmund J. Bourne

Language: English

Agoraphobia is one of the most disabling of the anxiety disorders, affecting approximately 5 percent of the adult population in the United States. The term agoraphobia was originally coined by Westphal (1871) to describe a fear of walking in open spaces. However, the principal fear in agoraphobia involves apprehension about having a panic attack in situations where escape is perceived to be difficult. Common phobic situations include driving, stores
and restaurants, elevators, planes and other public transportation, and being alone. Agoraphobia usually develops after an individual has been experiencing panic attacks and begins to avoid situations previously
associated with panic or perceived as likely to bring on panic. The fear can, in some cases, progress to the point where a person is entirely housebound. Agoraphobia frequently involves dependency on a spouse, partner, or support person who must accompany the agoraphobic on forays away from their safe place. It also may involve depression: agoraphobics feel helpless and hopeless in avoidance of routine activities which they formerly
accomplished easily.

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