The Concept of Fate and How We Use it

I think deep down people always know what is right. Like there are some people out there who will say that everything happens as written before the creation, but we use sentences like “you should pray for your fate to change”, you should work hard to change your fate and sometimes we also say that the fate of this match is in the hands of some player or the fate of the country is in the hands of army and most of the times when we accomplish something we do not say it was our fate we say that it was because of our parents, hard work and all that. So deep down we know that fate has nothing to do with what we do and everything we do and happen to us is the result of the deeds of ourselves or the people around us. We know that if the children are dying because of hunger in the world it is not because this is their fate but because of the wrong distribution of wealth around the world. We know that if there are children being born with intellectual disabilities in our country that is not because of their fate but because their mothers don’t have total care and facilities to give birth to their child, we know for sure that if someone dies in a plane crash or in train accident it was not his or her fate but they were the faults in the companies that control travel. If someone died in a suicide blast it was not his fate to die like that instead it was our negligence to let terrorist take refuge in our country.

We just use fate to hide our mistakes, lower the pain of a bad consequence, making excuse for not doing something for the people in need, and sometimes when we get something we did not deserve we say that it was in our fate. So some people will say that it is good that we are laying to ourselves by believing that we do not have control on our lives because it helps us in some ways. But I personally think that it is taking us far away from reality and the problems that we have or our nation have are not being solved because some of us did not really want to believe that there is something we can do.

I think we have to believe in freewill and be responsible for what we do and what we do not.

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