The Object World Responds Pdf

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The Object World Responds Pdf
The Object World Responds Pdf

The Object World Responds Pdf

Author: Charles Sarnoff M.D.

Language: English

The work of adolescence consists of a continuous reshaping of the personality in response to two
ongoing changes. The first is the maturation of internal forces and mechanisms; and the second, are
social imperatives and the responses of the object world to obvious changes in the maturation of the
Internal maturation is a true example of anatomy as destiny. The superb athlete who does not have
his growth spurt until 18 years of age loses out on years of seasoning in a chosen sport. Height and facial
features, which take their final form in adolescence, dictate important aspects of self-image. Delay in
sexual maturation results in a loss of place in the line of social development. The internal pressures and
changes of youth are the same in all cultures and all people. They are relatively fixed in their age
relationship to the adolescenttime period.

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