Understanding Psychology 10th Edition Pdf

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Understanding Psychology 10th Edition Pdf
Understanding Psychology 10th Edition Pdf

Understanding Psychology 10th Edition Pdf

Author:  Robert S. Feldman

Publisher: Publisher; 10th edition (2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0077495152

ISBN-13: 978-0077495152

If I were to use only a few words to summarize my goal for this book, as well as my teaching philosophy, that’s what I would say. Students fi rst. I believe that an eff ective textbook must be oriented to students—informing them, engaging them, and exciting them about the fi eld and helping them connect it to their worlds. When students are engaged and challenged, they understand psychology at a deep and meaningful level. Luckily, psychology is a science that is inherently interesting to students.

It is a discipline that speaks with many voices, off ering a personal message to each student. To some, psychology provides a better understanding of others’ behavior. Others view psychology as a pathway to self-understanding. Still others see the potential for a future career, and some are drawn to psychology by the opportunity for intellectual discovery that its study provides.

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